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Do you love travelling? Seeking worthy travel deals at low rates? Guess what? You have found the right place! Tourist Guide is the most suitable candidate to be your best friend. So what is Tourist Guide actually? is an online travel network where its mission is to build The World’s Largest Travel Network so travelling will be affordable, cheaper and even FREE! Whattt? FREE? Hah, everyone loves that right? Their tie-in with reputable agency locally and across the region has made this opportunity accessible to you. Tourist Guide will help you increase your shopping budget while giving you a splendid holiday to remember! Visit more places of attraction for a fraction of the original cost. Just view their frugal deals each day, featuring hotel rooms and travel packages with mind blowing discounts.


Tourist Guide also offers you a chance to extend your networking with people of various walks in life. Their established referral program encourages you to diversify your opportunities in life while reaping simple benefits that they have to offer their valued members.'s lifetime membership!

What are the benefits when you become a member of Tourist Guide?

As a member, you will have access to purchase travel deals from their website, which offers varieties of mind-blowing deals. They always committed to bring in deals which are the best of best in the market where they offer up to 75% discount! Why pay more right?

Members also have the option to customized travel packages according to their need. This can be done by contacting their Customer Service Centre at 03-8734 2802. Let it be anywhere in the world, their ledge is to fulfil their member’s requirement and to offer the lowest price not compromising the quality.

They  also provide the service of hotel booking in their website. Through their hotel booking site, you will access to over 72000 hotels worldwide from city breaks to beach destinations, from budget to luxury hotels at competitive rates.

All Tourist Guide members are entitled for cash back rewards whenever they purchase from their website. Let it be travel deals, customized packages or hotel booking, you will get 10% cash back points from company profit.

So, lets join Tourist Guide!

Travelling Cheap & Affordable! 
Travel the Smart Way!

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