I lost everything.

7:56 pm

Eight days ago....
At McDonalds Bangsar...
I just arrived from Kuantan around 3.00 pm...
And I'm having my lunch with my twin, Khai and his gf, Eifa...

My nightmare begin.

I lost my acer lappy,
I lost my sony ericsson phone,
I lost my western digital external hard disk,
I lost my thumbdrives,
I lost my phone chargers,
I lost my nokia earphone,
I lost my utp bag,
I lost my books,

And I still having my nightmare every night.
Crying because missing all the memories.
It's so sad to accept that all the memories gone forever.
Photos, notes, chat log, works gone already.
And I have nothing now.
My lappy is my life.

I lost my memories...
And I lost everything...

Dear robbers, thank you for all this.
All of you makes my life sucks now.
I can't do my works without my lappy.
I can't start my new semester without my lappy.
I lost my contacts in my pinky phone.
I lost all important datas in my external hard disk.
I lost all my poems in my small red notebook.
I didn't charge my nokia phone untill now.
I didn't have mood to do anything.

And you know what?
You will get back what you have done.
Allah is always there...
To punish you, bad people!

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  1. dear..sorry to hear that..i pun dah pernah hilang barang2 berharga gitu..hope pencuri tu dpt balasan setimpal. kejissss!

  2. salam cik syahirah...

    i'm sorry for your lost..i know how it feels because i've been there.
    My laptop had been snatched right in front of my eyes and even worse, it happened when i was in the middle of typing something in. For the whole week i couldn't help myself from cursing and swearing.
    But then my mother said something vital that i feel the responsibility to share with you: It's better to pray for Allah to open the wrongdoer's heart to realize their mistakes and repent of their sins than we ourselves making sins by cursing and feeling angry. Believe that the things we have lost are not meant for us and maybe there are something more special await you in the future..
    Even how hard the difficulties are, how many tears u've dropped, how crumbled your heart is, Allah knows you are strong enough to handle it. Allah loves you, that's why Allah tests u so that u can always remember your god..

    i'm sorry for this unexpected comment..i was apt to share those wise words when it comes to people having trouble..


  3. I lost wallet twice when somebody sneaked into my house. My friend lost a laptop n phone. Very terrible. I hate those robbers, thief, and snatchers. Will never forgive them.

  4. sgt sedih. adik aku format pc kat umah yg ade beberapa keping gambar zaman skulah dulu pun aku da sdeyh tahap gaban, ni kan pulak klu hilang sume benda mcm ni ..mau terjun laut aku ..huhu.

  5. hilang data kt hard disk pon dah syahdu.. ni hilang sume siap laptop.. mmg jahanam la pencuri tu.. harap die bahagia ngan hasil curian die..


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