hurm..luahan hati??

9:45 am

i nid some1 who really care n lev me wif ol his heart.. I nid some1 who appreciate me... some1 who treat me lyke a princess... i wan a guy who noe how much important my existent in his lyfe.. who col me ‘honey’ , ‘sayang’ or any special names..

I nid a guy who r owez accompany me.. spent most of his tyme wif me.. stay beside me n stay awake juz to watch me sleep.. da boy who owez dher wen m sad n crying.. da boy who kisses my 4head, caress my hair gently n stare in2 ma eyes n rub my jaw.. holding my handz in front of his frenz juz 2 show em dat m his gf.. wan 2 show me off da whole world!!

And da important thing iz I nid some1 who constantly reminding me of hw much he cares bot me n hw lucky he iz to hv me..

I noe dat m x a perfect gurl coz m owez spill things out… m pretty clumsy n owez heart broken, fucking damn sad n thn I’ll crying 4 any rezen smtimes.. nthing will go in a ryte way.. suxx!! m such a failure..useless!! nobody perfect in dis world..dat iz reality n dats y I noe dat m unperfect..

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