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Having a boyfriend makes a girl feel special and all blissful to find herself stationed in the seventh heaven. But there’s another face to this ecstasy and exaltation, which is, feeling the need to have a boyfriend. Having a boyfriend makes any girl feel elated, happy, proud and most of all she feels wanted by some one. Having a boyfriend does not only imply towards going out for dates, romantic movies or candle light dinners. There are different facets to having a boyfriend. It needs a lot of adjustment and understanding to stick to the same guy even after having a monumental fight with him. Moreover, boyfriends though they act as a pillar of strength when their girl friends need a shoulder to lean on but during a crisis even the guys need their girl friends to support them and tell them that they are right.There are various different trends that girls follow to have a boyfriend while coming under peer pressure and a certain compulsion to have a boyfriend. The most appealing and prescribed method is to dress up gorgeously and to look your best and to wear elegant, simple and yet attractive jewelry that will catch his eye.
Looks, these days play a big role in determining relations as it’s a general consensus these days about guys going for looks. As they probably believe in first impression to be the last impression. So girls buck up look your best if you are in look out for a boyfriend. But there are other guys who are different but they are nowadays termed as extinct species. In case best friends become lovers in future then probably the looks factor is not applicable when the emotional bonding over shadows all other aspects. A new trend in
relationship is giving gifts to your boy friends. It makes them feel special and strengthens the bonding. The different dating sites help girls to find out a date or to find out more about guys. So internet and virtual dating and relations have become a prevalent factor in the life of the youngsters who are in constant look out for some fun and to spice up their lives. Boyfriends are creatures with hard exteriors and soft interiors. So it’s more important to be patient and understanding towards them than to just to have fun with them and enjoy the rosy experience of having a boy friend. But life is not a bed of roses and neither are relationships.

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