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If having a boyfriend is bliss then having to deal with an ex boyfriend means nothing else more than trouble. As most of the times guys don’t want to give up on their ex girlfriends. They tend to make it more difficult for the girls to deal with the trauma of an already broken relation. This mostly comes from the deeply ingrained psyche of owning their girl friends. So they hardly come to terms with it even after the relationship is over. They use different methods to keep their ex girlfriends closer to them.One of the means to this end is to remain friends with their ex girlfriends whereas they actually plan and attempt at convincing the girls to get back with them and to let them complete the relationship. But this can be said just about a handful of guys. All guys cannot be categorized under the same caption of trouble shooters. Like wise there are few guys who tends to be a genuine friend even after a break up has taken place. They incline to accepting things as they are and remain friends with their ex girlfriends.
They generally tend to be very good friends but may be failures as boyfriends. At times they also tend to pull back as they don’t want to admit that they still love their ex girlfriend. Or they don’t want to give into the feeling of pain and dejection from their ex girlfriend. There are very few people who can continue peacefully as friends even when they have been lovers at one point of time. These days it’s becoming increasingly prevalent to see the ex boyfriends becoming close buddies. May be that’s because they have been your boyfriends at one point of time and other than appreciating the good qualities in you they also have experienced the bad the qualities in unison. That’s why they know you better as a person and though as a boyfriend they might have found it difficult to continue with you but as a friend they found you more acceptable. But the general consensus about ex boyfriends still remains one of hatred and contempt as probably even most girls want to escape the feeling of having to face their ex boyfriends and feel confused about their feelings. In case of a broken relationship it is seen that guys say that girls over react, specifically if its about cheating and backstabbing, the simple logic operative in such instances is that the guys want to escape the feeling of guilt, of having hurt his girl friend. So it’s advisable on the part of the girls to remain friends with their ex boyfriends but not to look back (and sulk over the issue of if he cares or not) or to get involved again with the same person.

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