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Teenage movie “KAMI” follows a group of five friends as they squeeze in as much fun and reckless abandonment on their road to self-discovery before entering a new stage in their lives – higher education.

Lynn is a form five student who juggles her studies while helping her mother at their food stall and hangs out with Ali,Abu, Sofie, and Adii. Although they have made her part of their circle, Lynn is holding back a dark past from her buddies. Unknown to them Lynn and her mother had moved from their small town home to start afresh in the city away from a persistent small-time drug dealer, Boy, whom Lynn used to run errands for to gain extra pocket money.

To complicate matters, Lynn writes under the pseudonym Teka Teki for her own, well known fanzine called KAMI and has recently contributed a scathing write-up on Ali’s band in a local music magazine.

As she struggles to keep her secrets under wraps, Lynn soon learns that they are all hiding something from each other.

The story kicks off with Abu’s escape from a juvie home and his reunion with Ali to celebrate the girls’ final paper and the last day of SPM exams marking the end of high school and the beginning of their journey to taking their first steps in making life altering decisions.

But soon their freewheeling post-SPM break is interrupted when Lynn ’s old life catches up with her new life and the two worlds collide, setting off a chain of events that will force all of them to face their personal demons, changing their lives forever.

Character Description

Lynn is a small town girl who dreams of pursuing journalism and traveling around the world. In her spare time she writes her own fanzine called KAMI under the pseudonym Teka Teki. Independent and streetwise, Lynn makes extra pocket money by selling her fanzines and her homework to the kids at school. But in an attempt to gain more cash to replace her old computer she unwittingly gets herself embroiled with a drug-dealer named Boy forcing her mother to make the decision to move the family to KL.

As they adjust to life in the big city, Lynn soon finds herself making new friends.

There is Ali who, apart from struggling with a lack of self-confidence that gets in the way of making and performing his own music also finds himself tempted to go back to his pill-popping days to help cope with his parents’ crumbling marriage due to his father’s failing business.

More comfortable portraying herself as the airhead flirt Sofie is in fact the smartest of the group, aching to be taken seriously for her brains rather than her looks. But like Ali, she too grew up watching her parents’ marriage disintegrate. Her mother’s second divorce feed on her insecurities and eats into her brief but intense relationship with Ali.

Although she is now back with Zarul, an old boyfriend, her feelings for Ali are distracting her from her plans to further her studies. Adding to her confusion is her mother’s reluctance to let her go.

The joker of the group, Abu, is Ali’s steadfast friend and the girls’ willing ally who falls into a self-destructive cycle of petty theft and gang fights after his older brother, Zul, is mugged and killed. Getting caught stealing and being sent to a juvie home all but severs an already deteriorating relationship with his father, leaving him drifting aimlessly towards an unknown future.

Adii , Ali’s cousin, is the rock that holds the group together. She does her best to stay positive under circumstances that are pulling the friends apart, but the mysterious disappearance of a guy she met on the Internet has left a mark. While she tries her best to carry on with her life, she can’t help but hope she will finally meet the guy of her dreams.


hidup ini memang palat tapi esok masih ada....

kalau korang rasa korang ade "kawan" skrg ni...hargai lah mereka ketika masih ade.... :p

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