photo shoot at klcc park.

9:14 pm

photo shoot at KLCC park last friday.
more photos in my facebook, myspace, and friendster.
anyway, thanks to the photographer

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  1. smart la picture tu. bole jadi model. hehe

  2. cehh , kakak jadi model syu jea ah pasnih . kitorg nah cari model . :) hee . :D ya welcam . :D

  3. haih model mana lak nih? hehe..

  4. i kasi u address i kat cni la eyh..

    c/o nisbah kanak, SAFODA,
    locked bag 122,
    88999 kota kinabalu, Sabah.

  5. cik mira;
    ye ler kamoo..

    huh? ble ntah nkphoto shoot lg..?

    nny i anta hadiah u kayhhh. ta shop lg.

  6. waahhh comel tul adik abg nih ^^ mmg ada gaya model lah..

    p/s: nak jd model abg tak? hehe

  7. zamdotcom;
    jd model abg? boleyy
    sudeyh diperstujui dalam sms tempoh hari bukan?? haha

  8. its u ? that model?

  9. hahahaha...
    huduh giler gamabar ni...

    ::eh silap tempat anta komen lar

  10. ko mmg dengki ngan aku la yamakasi

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  12. sangat menarik, terima kasih


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