new glasses and it is monica!

6:23 pm


just bought new spec this week. and it is monica! seriously, the soda is not with me now. sell it for a charity already. hope the kids love my soda. its been 2 years i'm with the soda and now i have the new red metallic one, monica. the casing is so adorable and im so excited when the handsome guy at hollywood eye trend shop give it to me. bought monica at the east coast mall kuantan , RM430. expensive? i dont think so. the nett price is more expensive. RM430 is the price after discount. and i got KFC voucher also. and...there is butterfly and diamonds too! that is the reason why i bought this!


so, how do i look with the new spec?

Photobucket in good mood today because i just won RM50 in denaihati contest! check my name: POPULAR ENTRY RESULT

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