My Happiest Moment

11:20 pm

My happiest moment so far is blogger gathering and of course, with Blogger Perak. They are my family and everything since last April until now, and insyaallah will be my family forever. The happiest, memorable and unforgettable moment is my first gathering with them at Gunung Lang, Ipoh few months ago. Before the gathering, seriously I have no idea what is Blogger Perak is all about. I joined the group few days before the gathering and decided to go there to make some new friends. So, 10 April 2011….this is the beginning for everything and this is the precise moment that friendship formed. Let’s flashback…

The journey begin from UTP, with 5 others to the Gunung Lang, Ipoh… and yeah, we felt so excited because we never been there before. And of course, I also excited because some of my friends told me that Gunung Lang is a beautiful place to visit. And yeah, when we arrived there…there’s some bloggers waiting for us already. And total almost 30 bloggers came to the gathering. I love waterfall, and guess what? There’s a unique waterfall at Gunung Lang! errr…but it’s not real. Haha~ then we took a boat to cross the river and find a comfortable place to gather. Yeahhh… I don’t know who they are except the UTPian, but yes, at least I managed to greet them. So, we start our gathering with the icebreaking session. Know about their name, blog url, and where they come from. Then it’s eating time! Hell yeah im so fucking hungry that time. And the layer cake is so tempting to eat! Nyummmehh~ Meanwhile, some of us greet each other and we do have some indoor games too. Its enjoyable and exciting to know them. After that, there’s also happy photography session. I love all photos from the gathering. Lovely! 

The language of friendship is not words , but rather meanings . It is an intelligence above language. and photography language also describe everything. Good friends are a connection to life, a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world. and this moment never stop here. hopefully more exciting moment will come soon. I just miss my family in Blogger Perak. :)

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  1. wah good luck.. lajunya hantar penyertaan

  2. tarikh tutup malam ni kan... before 1159pm.. and waktu lunch td bosan, so taip ler kejap hahaha

  3. nanti menang jangan lupa amik gambar aku skali. :P

    Latest: My Happiest Moment

  4. tarikh tutup 12 November la... ^__^

  5. tarikh tutupnya 12November la... cube tengok balik... haha

    btw, gud luck!

  6. ehem2.lama sungguh tak mengomen di blog ini..muahahahaha..

    p/s:menang bape riban plak ni? :P

  7. untungla pandai buat entri bahasa inggeris. kompem menang sebab BP sngt best. whaha. Amin.

  8. Just notice most of the members still keep talking about gathering Gunung Lang . There said best gathering ever .

    Sigh I miss the best moment of life .

  9. I just added this blog to my rss reader, excellent stuff. Can not get enough!

  10. pisyek; cisdel kau.

    zieta and mazhar; aah salah tgk. wakakakkakak sbb curi2 waktu opis gini ler. :p

    reez; ehem2. takde riban haha

    fadil; saje je ni masuk. buang masa

    touya; amboi2.. haha

  11. Cheh ! rupa-rupanya leh komen dalam bahasa melayu ...

  12. good luck..
    bestnya gathering.
    ta pernah join..

    wish me luck!


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