blogging. *blur*

10:53 pm

urgh. damn bored today. i'm supposed still on bed now! wut im doing here; in college? doing nothing! *sigh*

im tired + sleepy. all of my classes has been canceled for today. then, wut shud i do? blogging? chatting? myspace? friendster? tagged? facebook? bored!! juz visiting some of my frens blog and checking my adsense account. errr... and deleting my email inbox! then wut shud i do next? there's no YM in here. idk. blur! its raining outside. i cnt go bck home.

urgh... stress already. and im so hungry ryte nw but dunt hv enough money to buy a food. broke already. thinking of my allowance for august is coming up. and thinking of wut shud i do with the allowance? spend the money for MEGAsales? oh no! my darling will kill me if i spend all my money for the sales. haha. and i also thinking of something. august is coming up. and 3rd august is my birthday! not celebrate anything maybe, bt still try to plan something to cheer me up on my birthday. maybe lah. not sure yet. but i still to plan my adek's birthday on 10th. he is asking a birthday gift already. haha. any idea?

omg! suddenly i mish my darling sho much. i need hym on my birthday. for sho i'll mish hym damn much dat day. huh, i love u sayang. hurm, nothing to say dah. gtg larh. blogging again nxt tyme wen i hv a free tyme. =)

p/s: wtf i bebel in here? idk! *blur*

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  1. same lak nasib kite..
    all classes had been cancelled..
    rugi baju je dtg kls.. huhu..

  2. miss u too cyg.. syg kn senantiasa dihati ayg.. betul tak?? hehe


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