another reason why i hate UTP

10:53 am

Woke up from 3 hours sleep at 8.00 pm and check my Twitter and Facebook. Then, I found this. WTF? I'm totally dead if this news is officially confirmed. oh dear, 1 year for 1 semester. what did you expect from me now? this is madness. read this:


notes by Nuratikah Razale

dear my UTP frens...=(

after having meeting wif dr.Helmi ,Dr.balbir..and other engineering department...
they have decided to start a "NEW SEMESTER SYSTEM" for the next jan 2011......
all the betches in UTP will be undergoing new semester system...

sistem die camni...

  • we suppose to have only 7 sem...but start next year ditambah lagi satu sem....
  • stp tahun ade dua SEM...SEM 1(JAN),SEM2(JUN)....terus bersmbg without cuti..=(........cuti about 4 hari cam2 je..
  • pas2 internship kite akn diconduct waktu cuti 3rd year....during our break....BKN MASE WAKTU SEM>>>WAKTU CUTI!!!!!28 weeks of internship...
  • biasanye klo sistem normal ,SEM1 dulu then cuti 2 bulan....then smbg SEM2..pas2 cuti lagi sebulan lebey...but in the new system kite akan study sepanjang mase until at the end of ther year baru dpt cuti 3 bulan lebih......agak tension lah gak...
  • pas2......agak parah klo ade sape2 yg kene repeat SEM!!! dorg kene amek subject yg dorg fail waktu SEM BREAK yg 3 bulan tu..sbb the subject yg dorg fail from the previous SEM x kan dioffer for the next SEM to be less holidays for org yg fail...STUDY HARD BEB!.......
  • cuti utk budk JAN INTAKE x kan same dengan bdk JUN UTP sentiasa ade org...haha
kite akn study from january to october non-stop...and then cuti 3 bulan...klo nk masok akademi fantasia pon sempat.hahah....gudlak korg dgn "NEW SEMESTER SYSTEM"......hehe~


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  1. owh really....penatnya otak nak belaja sampai end year,pastu br dpt cuti 3 bulan..perghhh....tak masuk akal je..huhu

  2. thats totally suck! hope its a rumour :')

  3. Ahahaha..tapi lagi strict, bagus la tu..dia nak suruh belajar rajin2, jgn cuti je memanjang.. :p

  4. hmmm..da dua thn hidup kat uniten..cuti xpnh dapat walau sebulan..sedih tak?masa 3rd year nti baru leh merasa cuti panjang..bout 2 months kot.

  5. hehe..aku dah grad
    cuma nak cakap this is the awesomeness of being a student! bila kau dah start keje nanti, kau akan rasa missed dgn apa yg kau benci hari ini..seriously!

    just sit back n enjoy the roller coaster

  6. do u mean dat utp is implimenting a short semester concept?

    i dun get it. back in certain uni, they also hv dis tri-sem (2 full sem + 1 short sem)

    but still they hv holiday.

    well, wut can i say good luck to u my junior. u will doin good and please ensure dat dis is not another hoax.

    correct me if im wrong. thanks.

    //cant wait for my convo on dis oct! ngahahah...

  7. my university also using the same method.. but.. between sem1 and sem 2 we got about one week break... btw.. gud luck with the new system.. and enjoy your study...


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