Suria KLCC - Earth Hour 2012

8:15 am

Come join and be a part of the momentous ‘lights off’ event on 31st March, Saturday, to protect the planet. 

What’s in store for you?

Get your hands on exclusive Suria KLCC LED candles for FREE (limited to the first 1000 participants only) and enjoy eco themed performances throughout the night. Also, catch your favourite local celebrities - Joe Flizzow, Cheryl Samad, Sazzy Falak, Bernie Chan, Zizan Nin and Hani Harun.

Date: 31st March 2012, Saturday
Time: 6.00 pm (Registration)
8.00 pm onwards (Event)
Venue: Esplanade, Suria KLCC

You can also check out Suria KLCC Facebook Fanpage  for more exciting updates!
Don’t forget to spread the word to family and friends…!!

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  1. alamak,saya tak leh pergi lah kak,sebab saya balik kampung...

  2. Malam tu tutup lampu jer... ;)


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