Paranormal activities come to "life" at Breakout Nu Sentral!

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Do you love The X-Files? Heroes Reborn? The Walking Dead? or maybe Marvel's Agent Carter? OMG I'm a die hard fan of The Walking Dead, and when I heard that Breakout going to come out with their first ever FOX themed Breakout Room, I was so excited!

Excitement levels skyrocketed among fans of The X-Files series as the iconic FBI Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are set to make their highly anticipated return to the small screen, 13 years after the original series ended. 13 YEARS! Imagine that. The X-Files was my childhood memory weyh! Still remember I follow all episodes of The X-Files during my high school period. Fuh, time flies. And besides that, also returning to Malaysia screens are The Walking Dead Season 6B (yeahhhhh cant wait for this!) and Marvel's Agent Carter Season 2 while Second Chance premieres on FOX HD (Astro Channel 724).

As a treat for fans of The X-Files and other hit of Same Day as the U.S. series, and to celebrate this exciting occassion, the first-ever FOX themed Breakout Room in South East Asia called Code Name: FOX unveiled!

Code Name: FOX is a uniquely themed room featuring elements from selected FOX HD's Same Day As The US Shows; Marvel's Agent Carter, The Walking Dead, Heroes Reborn and also The X-Files. Players can range from a minimum 2 to 8 players at one time. Code Name: FOX is only available at NU Sentral Mall, and open to public between 23 January 2016 until 23 February 2016.

“We at FOX are pleased to bring viewers the new chapter of this iconic series, The X-Files, which airs the Same Day as the U.S., along with other favourites like Marvel’s Agent Carter, The Walking Dead and Second Chance. For the first time in Malaysia, fans can also visit and engage with the FOX characters in person, through the specially designed FOX themed Breakout Room, as part of our ongoing efforts to bring viewers the ‘best in entertainment first’,” said Ms. Penny Tan, Marketing Director of FOX International Channels (FIC) during the launch.

 "Breakout is not your conventional escape room game and our various themed rooms are individually crafted and designed to provide players with mind-boggling puzzles and tasks to be completed within 45 minutes." said Mr Leo Ka-Wai, from Breakout Malaysia.

I had a chance to try the Code Name: Fox Breakout Room just now (but the shorter version with 20 minutes time), and it's really exciting! Blending the elements from each show, and uniquely complimenting the feel and themes of the shows, Breakout Malaysia really success in crating a special interactive mission within the premise of one mega story.

Firstly, players would have to choose Heroes Reborn Character and begin the mission which is as part of the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR) under the orders of Howard Stark, players need to investigate an off-limits zone where crucial information is contained about extra-terrestrial life.  A formula of a virus was created by extraterrestrial beings to mutate humans in the attempt to take over the Earth by enslaving all humans. The effect of the virus has turned human into a soulless, flesh-eating creatures. Recruited by the SSR, you and your group had been sent to investigate the truth behind the contagion and to retrieve a cure that would allow you to save the world!

Time need to be taken to experience Code Name: FOX Breakout Room is approximately an hour which includes the briefing by Game Master and character selection in about 10-15 minutes, the game itself taken 45 minutes, and hints & perks up to 10 additional minutes. The difficulty level is 2 out of 5 stars. Remember, Code Name: FOX Breakout Room only available at NU Sentral Mall, and  open to public between 23 January 2016 until 23 February 2016. You can book your room at:

For additional excitement, one weekly winner to be chosen based on the fastest time to breakout the room and will win exclusively Same Day As The U.S. merchandise. and guess what? One Grand Prize Winner to be chosen also from weekly winners to win exclusive FOX HD Merchandise worth RM800.00!

And don't forget to catch two-day premiere of the brand new chapter of The X-Files on FOX HD (Astro Channel 724) on 25th and 26th January 2016 at 9:00 pm and subsequent episodes every Monday also at 9:00 pm. Marvel's Agent Carter Season 2 every Wednesday also at 9:00 pm and meanwhile The Walking Dead Season 6 (Part 2) every Thursday also at 9:00 pm. An the series premiere of The Walking Dead is on 14th January 2016.

We had fun, and I cant wait to try full version of 45 minutes excitement in Code Name: FOX next time!
How about you?
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