we are cool

11:57 pm

seyesly, aku memang tak pernah update dengan lagu-lagu baru di pasaran. few days ago, chat with my ex-bf at egypt, cik rimiey. sempena raya ini kan, mahu lah bermaafan. kita kawan kan? cool~ then tiba-tiba beliau meng-dedicate lagu gwen stefani - cool untuk aku. oke, jujurnya aku baru je dengar lagu ni jap tadi beserta lirik. menghayati okayh? oh thanks rimiey~ seyesly, memang kena sangat lirik tuh. hahahahaha. anyway we are cool right?

It's hard to remember how it felt before
Now I found the love of my life...
Passes things get more comfortable
Everything is going right

And after all the obstacles
It's good to see you now with someone else
And it's such a miracle that you and me are still good friends
After all that we've been through
I know we're cool

We used to think it was impossible
Now you call me by my new last name
Memories seem like so long ago
Time always kills the pain

Remember Harbor Boulevard
The dreaming days where the mess was made
Look how all the kids have grown
We have changed but we're still the same
After all that we've been through
I know we're cool

And I'll be happy for you
If you can be happy for me
Circles and triangles, and now we're hangin' out with your new girlfriend
So far from where we've been
I know we're cool

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  1. salam perkenalan

    aku pun sama pengalaman dengan kamoo.

    ex aku dah kawen... tp kami sembang2 jer dalam email.. email jer... mesti ada had kan. itu isteri org wei


  2. hahahha my ex blaja sana. tp tak kawen lg. hikhik


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