HDC Halal Apps are now available on NOKIA

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With finger-tip playful ease, HDC Halal Apps offer the world’s most comprehensive guide for information on Halal. It brings you the first FPS locator for government certified Halal premises, a Halal directory, and news and knowledge on Halal. In short, you get it all from the world’s premier Halal Referral Centre in Malaysia through HDC. 

Today, for the benefit of both Muslims and non-Muslims, HDC is developing and realising the potential of Halal as a global market force that would bring economic and wholesome benefits and services. The Global Reach Out Campaign promotes the lifestyle of Halalan Thoyibban with HDC’s products and services. 

HDC first introduced Halal Apps for the iPhone in 2010. And with much success. Now! You can download HDC Halal Apps on your Nokia phone and enjoy!

 HDC Halal Apps

HDC Halal Apps consists of 3 main modules:

Module 1 : The Locator
This module function is to locate Halal premises which are certified by JAKIM within 15KM radius using GPS and Google Maps.

Module 2 : Halal Directory
This module provides user with the list of products, premises and abattoirs which are certified by JAKIM. User will be able to search and filter results by states and industry sizes.

Module 3 : Halal News and Knowledge
Halal News and Knowledge : This module feeds user with the latest news and events revolving around Halal industry and list of ingredients and food additives (E numbers).

So why must be so worried if IKEA Meatballs or Secret Recipe Cake are non-halal or not if you can check the halal status using your phone? If you can download others social media apps into your phone, why not you try this useful apps? This app actually makes user easy to locate for government certified Halal premises, a Halal directory, and news and knowledge on Halal before decide to have a delicious meals with your family!


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