Wut happen today?

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wut happen today??

Wut happen today? I went to megamall. According wut has been planned; ana and I wanna go to kuantan parade. Ana wnt to buy sme stuff and I wnt to meet up some frens. But when we started feel tired, we decided to stay at mega only. Haha. And wut happen in megamall today really messed me up! 1st, after usha2 some vincci shoes, at the escalator, I saw “s”. omg! Really hope dat it’s nt hym. But yeah. Its hym! Sitting over there, reading a newspaper. Oh gosh. You r still same. But smthg really attract me to look at hym. I recognize the sweater, sandal, and the nike bag! Oh dear, y must u wear those things today. Y must we met today? Its really hurt u noe! Then… bla bla bla. (dun hv mood to tell all of you about hym)


love her eyes!

I met nury, afif and others at GSC. Planned to watch a muvee. We bought the tix for WANTED. Yeah! Great muvee. But a lil’ bit unlogical. Haha. Oh yeah. I bought a cute turtle (it’s a teddy bear act.) for Sheila today. It’s so so cute!


sheila, dis is wut i promised before...

Huh waiting for nazib makes me bored. Aiyok nazib…lambat lah! Nazib told me that I must lose some weight. Huh! Yea yea. I noe lah im getting more chubby ryte nw. huhu. Then ana and I bought some toiletries at guardian and Watson. And wen we started to feel so bored with da megamall, we decided to go bck home. Haha. I feel so tired and my feet are melecet now! I nid sleep…..Zzz…Zzz…

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  1. hehe..kalau i terserempak my ex..esp mr. F..memang i lari blik rumah..huhu


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