Im so so tired.

9:14 am


i'm so so tired shopping today!

Today? Im so so tired. Haha. 1st, planned to meet up some frens today has been canceled! Haha. Sangat bengang! Dah lah umah takde air. (errr….aku mandi okayhh??) so I went to my cousin’s office. Then, pergi ke KP (yg takde ape2!) and ECM. Haha. Di ECM mcm biasalah. SHOPPING time! Yeah. and duet pun agak banyak abes. Berapa? Biarlah rahsia. Haha. only spent my time at PADINI Concept Stores. Two PDI shirts and three pairs VINCCI shoes! Amazing huh? But mine only a pair of VINCCI shoe and a brown PDI shirt. Hehehe… Shooping adalah perkara wajib bagi aku wen im stressed about something. Ouh dear. My legs hurt! Hanging around with my cousin makes me so tired larh! Errr.. nurul, I think after dis kite kna beli kasut beroda larh and use it while we r shopping…ryte??



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  1. wah sama la pula..
    i just went to Padini n Vincci yesterday..
    but only bought 2 Padini's shirt..
    dekat Vincci blum ada yang menarik hati.. hehe..


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