LIFE and LOVE are difficult.

12:47 am


da picture doesn't mean anything.

LIFE and LOVE are difficult. is it? ouh im nt sure. sorry darlin'... u r still my priority. still in my heart. just sometymes it seems like my life and da love things is so difficult for me. why just all those thing always makes me feel like im dying?

yes dear... u always said dat im too worry of what's coming in future. my hearts keep telling me something. but im still dont know what it is. i cant stop to think bout it sayang. its killing me. its hard for me. im always afraid bout it. u noe it ryte? dear hunny, im still dont know exactly what i really need in this life. Love? yes. really need it. and thanks dear for loving me.

Ouh dear. it becomes so hard for me to handle all of this problems alone. from day to day it becomes more difficult. im not too strong to face all this by myself. help me my dear. help me to makes me more stronger.

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