Today is the most horrible day…

9:17 am


sleepy lorh!

Most horrible? Yeah maybe coz I hv splitting migraine today. Huh! Really2 bad. Haha. Bt im okayhh nw. ouh jz wke up 4m a sleep wen I wrote this blog. And my hair are messy! Look at the pict. Haha. Watching narnia at tv3.. im still dizzy + sleepy!!


reading newspaper + watching narnia + sms-ing + blogging + thinking!

Ouh abg ngah. Kapan bila kamu mahu pulang? Waiting 4 abg ngah m8 me bored. Mcm penjaga gate pulak tunggu dia neh! While waiting for hym, Im thinking. Wut im gonna do tomorrow. Plan needed! Haha. Going to shopping maybe. Shopping? No money no shopping larh! Errrr….only hv RM40 in my wallet. Haha…


spaghetti yg sedap!

Ahhh…lapar pulak. Im starving! Today I just ate spaghetti. Yeah once only! Breakfast + lunch + dinner… pakej pulak. Huh.. dah start lapar.. wtf aku merepek ini? oh getting sleepy... gtg! (ntah pe aku merepek..bosan larh!)

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