Justin Bieber Live in KL Tees!

10:13 am

Hello Bieber fans out there! Here some good news for all of you. My cousin from roundneck.com selling Justin Bieber T-Shirt! Due to popular demand, finally roundneck.com came out with this two designs of Justin Bieber Live in KL this coming 21st April (Thursday) in Stadium Merdeka, KL. Three more days to go, pre-order now and they will bring the shirt for you at the concert! 
The two designs are:

Justin Bieber 01

Justin Bieber 02

Hurry up! Grab this now because it is printed on their special soft cotton Super Grade t-shirt and in limited quantities! (Currently the Super Grade products is limited due to worldwide cotton price increased). How about the size? And the price for each tee?

Size available for roundneck: F (female cutting), S, M, L, XL, XXL 
Size available for V-neck: L, XL

Promo Price till 20 April 2011 (late night): 
RM 35 (each)
RM 30 (minimum 5 tees and above)
RM 25 (minimum 10 tees and above)

Normal Price starting 21 April 2011:
RM 55 (each)

Postage and delivery:
add RM 5 for postage delivery but if you buy both tees, the postage is FREE.

To order, kindly contact roundneck.com representative Akma at +6010-2268841 or send email : [email protected] . Until then, have fun at the concert!

p/s: i think the second design is nice. grab the tees now !


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  1. Tahniah memang menarik penampilan baru ni berbanding yang dulu ...teruskan blogging ... power tu!!!

  2. uuiyo domain..dasat gile..value tinggi

  3. fuyyoooo...blgger otai wanita tuuu...domain siap...

  4. lawa la t-shirt JB ni. ni yg kipas-susah-mati JB, mesti meroyan nk beli...haha :D

  5. Hello Manila ... kuang kuang kuang

  6. Recently i purchased Bieber Tees .You won't believe that it was really the one that i expected and the quality of the product was so good .You can find many design of T-shirt and shirt and many more with very reasonable prices.


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