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A letter for YOU...

Sometimes when we do feel like we don’t have anyone in our life anymore, we are absolutely wrong. Yes, I admit that I do feel like that sometimes. Or can I say… every time? I’m kind of a girl who is always having problems, always thinking about what the others think about me. I don’t know why I should do that, thinking about something that will give negative effects on me? Oh gosh. I’m always wanted to do something that could help me get out from all of this bad feeling… but how?

Yeah, I know that I’m not alone like I’m always thought. I have YOU. The one and only person that always cheer me up and always there when I need someone, when I felt so down, when I’m crying like a little girl or when I feel like all things really freaking me out. By any chance, I just want you to know that I’m so glad to have you as my friend or should I call it “best friend”?

Sometimes I do hate you because you are always bullied me as what you said that the reason you are always bully me just because it is in your blood to bully and you can’t do anything to stop it. Ok, fine. The reason is accepted. But even though you seems like the most hatred person I have ever known, I’m glad I know you and I appreciate this friendship.

So, promise me that you would not left me without any reason and always be here for me. And I hope that you will always be as what you are now. Don’t change anything because I love this friendship we built since two years ago. I’m really sure that I will always miss all the moments we shared together in our college life.

For YOU, you know who you are when you finished reading this. ;)

p/s: but I still miss the old you.

Lots of L♥ve,

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  1. huuhu cedih nye...mcm jauh je syed dgn shira..jmpa kt kolej tiap2 hri kan..hehehe tp time mcm ni ok lg..mse da nk kuar klj tgk la nti nangis lg truk...kak ada da lalui menda jenuh thn air mata xnk tunjuk kt die org..sbb die org xrse sedih..jd msuk toilet dAN NANGIS..tmbh lg kak ada rapat dgn aza..lg la trase...

  2. hannie;
    ko tu berbelit ajer sentiasa.

  3. kak ada;

    hahahah mana tahu letter ni utk syed? ahaks! shera dah terasa lain mcm. tgk2 dah nk masuk september ni..lg 2 bulan jek nak abis. slalu ckp ta ske duk kolej tp ni la yg kita rindu sgt2 nnty kan?

  4. eny;

    sweet? yeah. ikhlas dr hati. nangis tulis entry ni

  5. ha3.. siot ah :p
    mcm tau jewk ayat ni
    "in your blood to bully"

  6. hahahahha. terasa ke bang? hak3. adek taip entry ni malam tu tyme tgh sms ngan abg. ade rasa mcm adek copy paste ayat tu dr handphone terus dlm blog tak? HAHAHA. tak terharu ke baca entry ni? hik3

  7. ha3.. xpe lps abg buke kat HOTEL anti, abg reply kat blog abg nanti :p

  8. hehehe msti la tau..pkataan bully tu da sebati dlm idop abg syed.hehehehe..sowi abg syed..hikhikhik
    btul2 da abis rse rindu nk anta report ase mcm xsbr nk blk system xsettle lg..camne nih??hehehe
    -KAK ADA-

  9. yeahh....abg da reply kan? adek da baca..

    kak ada...tak retyy2 pegi buat syst tu/ haha


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