Happy 3rd Anniversary

11:03 pm

Happy 3rd Anniversary to my blog, ieyra.com. Thanks to Allah, i managed to survive in this 3 years eventhough there's a lot of things happened in blogging world nowadays. and thanks to all followers that support me, and the haters too. without all of you, i didn't have guts to survive in blogging world. thank you, and may Allah bless you in anything you do. ♥

before everyone argue about this, let me explain here. yes, ieyra.com is my new domain. but still the same platform which is blogger. so, it's still can accept that today is 3rd anniversary for my blog right? and i am so damn happy i received the biggest blog birthday gift today. thanks to him. nothing to regret in blogging. keep moving even you received the hardest trials in blogging, just let all of them as the most wonderful adventure experience that you didn't get in the others' world. peace no war! and keep smiling! ♥

and Happy Father's Day to all awesome fathers in the world!!

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  1. wuhuhu..
    dh 3 taun dah..
    aku lak bru 6 bulan..

  2. woww...dah 3 tahun blogging, aku x coming soon hujung tahun ni..tahniah2

  3. waaah..lame tol die blog..uhhuhu

  4. masuk 3 tahun dah eh. teruskan menulis dan semoga success selalu.

    selamat menyambut hari bapa ya. ;)

  5. nape aku baru kenal kau tahun ni?aku dah berblogging 3 tahun gak. *muke pasrah. hahahaha

  6. 3 years of blogging is good achievement (I failed :p). Happy blogging anniversary to you.


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