Review: The Adventures of TinTin (3D)

10:34 pm

Let me write in English ok? Yes, I won premiere screening ticket again from Nuffnang. awesome right? Thank you Nuffnang for given us such a great moment last Wednesday night. At the first time, I thought that this movie will be out on the following days (because every thursday the new movies will coming out) but when I saw the tickets, 10 November? Oh, gosh! we gonna watch it 8 days earlier than others! that is awesome!

So, is it Tintin's name sounds familiar to you? For me, YES. it's from my childhood life. I read a book before about this. The Adventures of Tintin is a series of classic comic books created by the Belgian artist Georges Rémi (1907–1983), who wrote under the pen name of Hergé.

FYI, Hergé’s work first attracted Spielberg’s attention in 1981, after European critics likened the globe-trotting plot of the director’s “Raiders of the Lost Ark” to a Tintin tale. Spielberg later acquired Tintin’s rights from Hergé’s widow, but it took nearly 30 years for the film to come to fruition under Spielberg’s direction and with the producing help of fellow Tintinologist Peter Jackson. (credit: herocomplex). So, what it is all about?

Tintin, played by Jamie Bell in the film, is a young reporter with a some different hairstyle and an amazing job (he never writes an article but instead travels the world in pursuit of adventure and solving crimes). While Captain Haddock (Andy Serkis), provides much of the series’ salt and humor as a really bad habit on drinking, hot tempered seaman. Snowy, is a white dog who serves as Tintin’s sidekick and frequent rescuer. So, Tintin and his dog, Snowy with Captain Haddock set off on a treasure hunt for a sunken ship commanded by Haddock's ancestor. Haddock joins forces with Tintin to retrieve the clues, which only a real Haddock can decipher. But someone else is also in search of the ship. They escape from a tramp steamer, hijack a seaplane and cross the desert to Morocco. Such an amazing adventures is it? I really adore with Spielberg's films that's why I really enjoy watching this movie. It's enjoyable, rather bland, less fun dramatically and graphically than the Hergé comics and of course, all the this movie bringing the animations into sharp relief if you watch in 3D like us!

Yeahhhh... From KLCC (im working ok!) to Midvalley, with my gorgeous Syahmi Azri. So messy and tired after working, we rush to Midvalley because I have to collect the tickets at 8.30pm. Then, we met Pojie and his friend, Danial. Really had fun with you guys! Thank you, and love you all. xoxo

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  1. Saya ade juga, tapi tak bertegur sape..
    aish..tula, sombong sy nih..;p
    takpe2 lenkali leh tegor2..;p

    citer ni animasi ker, cam animasi jer,

  3. mcm mana boleh menang? jeles uh!


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