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*What's the most important things in your life?
my feelings.

*What's the last thing you bought with your own money?
topup maxis rm10?

*Where's your dream wedding?
beach. Hope so. How?

*How long did the relationship last?

*Are you in love?

*What was the last restaurant you ate dinner at?
kedai roti canai mana ntah. Otw balik kg cik eyra.

*What's the last book you bought?
buku vba programming untuk ms access 2007 kat kinokuniya, KLCC.

novel alaf 21 kat Book Fair, PWTC.

*Your Full Name?
nor azri syahirah binti mohd sabri

*Are you more comfortable with your mom or dad?
errr… not sure

*Name one person who you want to meet in your life?
for now, I need to meet mr.eyza. omaigod.

*Name 8 person who are close to you

*Do you wash your own clothes?
yes kalau rajin

*The most exciting places you ever want to go?
likes Hillman said; maldives!

*Tell about the person who tagged you.
Hillman. Adek angkat kuh. Berkenalan apabila cik eyra terpikat pada design bajunya; mendung clothing. Juga tertarik dengan ayat2 yang tercipta dari benak otaknya. Semakin rapat ketika kami mula ber-ym. I’m glad to knw u my dear Hillman!

*8 things that i'm crazy of
Yahoo messenger.
College? Oh no!

*Hugs or kisses
kisses at forehead. :p

*8 books that you recently read?
jarang membaca. Last cik eyra baca kosmo jek.

*8 songs that you can listen more than once
yuna-missing stars
soko-I’ll kill her
plain white t’s- 1 2 3 4
the morcious-the first time
taylor swift-love story
tegan And Sara - Nineteen
out worn shoes-believe in 99

*Lets tag 8 other people
sape2 rasa nak jawab. Malas nak tag.

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  1. adakah cik eyra kte nie kkurang ksh syg dr parents...


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